New Automotive Grade EasyPACK 2B EDT2 Power Module

By micohuang

[October 4, 2021, Munich, Germany]Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has launched an automotive-grade power module based on EDT2 technology and EasyPACK™ 2B half-bridge package. Modules are more flexible and extensible. Depending on the specific conditions of the inverter, this 750V module can support applications up to 50kW and 230Arms. With its featured specifications, the module is designed for inverter applications in hybrid and electric vehicles optimization.

Over the past decade, Infineon has sold more than 50 million EasyPACK™ modules with different chipsets for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. With the introduction of EDT2 technology in this package and full automotive qualification, Infineon is now expanding the range of applications for this module family to include automotive main drive inverters. The main feature of EDT2 technology is higher efficiency under low load conditions. Chips using EDT2 technology have lower losses than products currently on the market and are 20% better than Infineon’s previous generation chips.

Another unique feature of EasyPACK™ is the plug-and-play approach, which simplifies the integration of modules. Additionally, compared to classic discrete packages and the HybridPACK™1, no soldering of the pins is required. Infineon’s PressFIT contact technology reduces installation time. Thanks to the package size, the three EasyPACK 2Bs require 30% less spread out than the HybridPACK 1. Therefore, they not only offer a very compact design, but are also more cost-effective. In addition, EasyPACK 2B EDT2 is fully AQG324 compliant.

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