Heavy | Ziguang Zhanrui released a complete solution of 5G RF front-end

By micohuang

UNISOC launched a 5G RF front-end solution today to meet the needs of 5G in various complex scenarios, and will bring users excellent battery life, stable and high-quality calls, data transmission rates and network coverage.

Heavy | Ziguang Zhanrui released a complete solution of 5G RF front-end

UNISOC’s 5G RF front-end solution adopts a modular design and integrates power amplifiers (PAs), switches, filters, and low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), which reduces path loss by 15% compared to the industry average and reduces size 20%, bringing more design space for slim smartphones.

Compared with most domestic solutions, the UNISOC 5G RF front-end solution is a complete solution, which can provide the active chips required for the entire RF front-end, with complete components and complete supporting facilities. Starting from customer reference design, to device selection, matching debugging and mass production tracking, the overall delivery cycle is 20% shorter than the industry average, which greatly shortens the product development time of OEMs and simplifies development work.

The technical advantages of UNISOC’s 5G RF front-end solutions also include:

Significant reduction in switching response time

Through the upgrade of switch performance, functions and types, it can meet the needs of various complex scenarios of 5G. Zhanrui 5G radio frequency shortens the response time from 5us of 4G to 1us. Even on the speeding high-speed rail, the terminal signal is always stable.

Strong battery life

Under the same power, the power consumption of Zhanrui power amplifier is 4% lower than that of competing products, far exceeding the industry average. When the maximum power is sent, the working time can be extended by 10 minutes, and when the normal power is sent, the working time can be extended by 20 minutes.

Enhanced anti-jamming

The linearity at the same power is 4-6dB better than that of competing products, and the anti-interference ability is enhanced by 4 times. When dealing with live broadcast and other scenarios, it is stable and not dropped.

Wide coverage

Zhanrui 5G RF module adopts HPUE technology to make the uplink coverage wider. When the mobile phone is at the edge of the base station, the signal strength is increased by 2 times. Moreover, the output power of the mobile phone terminal is 0.5dB higher than the average level in the industry, which makes the signal of the mobile phone more stable when uploading data.

Wider band support

Zhanrui 5G RF front-end solution supports N77, N78, N79, N41, N28 and N1 and other mainstream 5G frequency bands in the world, meeting the different needs of the global market for 5G high, medium and low frequency bands.

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