ams VCSEL infrared flood illuminator for ranging and depth mapping

By micohuang

High-performance sensor solutions provider ams has launched a new family of infrared VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Laser Emitter) flood illuminators, the EGA2000 series, aimed at industrial manufacturers for robotics, collaborative robots, automated guided vehicles and applications using 2D / 3D optical sensing of smart devices to develop various innovative applications.


Under the supply chain management that implements strict quality control on all key components, the VCSELs and homogenizers independently developed and produced by ams can ensure that each EGA2000 series product can provide uniform and high power that strictly meets the design specifications. Flood lighting, which is especially important for emerging applications such as ranging, object detection, and face recognition – all of which require 2D or more complex time-of-flight (ToF) or stereo vision (SV) based 3D technologies, Its efficient floodlight performance is the top priority.

Originally used in smartphones to provide secure and reliable facial recognition, 3D sensing has gradually become an emerging technology in the industrial market for the following applications:

Object size detection in robotic applications

3D environment mapping for automated guided vehicles (AGVs, including robotic sweepers and mowers)

·Face recognition in face payment and smart lock

·Night vision camera

Markus Luidolt, Senior Marketing Director 3D Sensing Modules and Solutions at ams, said: “The pace of innovation in markets such as logistics and warehousing, home and building automation, Industry 4.0 and more has been impressive. Home cleaning robots, collaborative robots assisting factory operators The market for new product categories such as AGVs that replace traditional forklifts in warehouses has gradually become a climate. The excellent optical performance of the EGA2000 series and its various emission angles will help industrial applications achieve more reliable ranging and depth mapping, reducing design iterations In addition, in order to support customers’ R&D investment and serve a wider range of challenging applications, the EGA2000 series fully meets the needs of industrial customers for the product life cycle and will be a long-term product series.”

Precisely shaped uniform beam

The characteristics of ams’ integrated IR emitter architecture contribute to the outstanding optical performance of the EGA2000 series of flood illuminators.

The EGA2000 series uses microlenses to match the characteristics of the VCSEL emitter, resulting in a uniform rectangular light spot. This tightly controlled spot and emission angle (FOI) matches the field of view of infrared image sensors used in 2D/3D ranging and detection systems, improving the strength and integrity of the reflected light signal.

Multiple product options

The EGA2000 series offers two wavelength options:

850nm for systems requiring high sensitivity

940nm can easily meet the requirements of human eye safety protection regulations; excellent resistance to sunlight interference makes 940nm illuminators suitable for outdoor use

Each wavelength selection also offers three emission angle configurations:

Ultra-wide FoI – suitable for robot obstacle avoidance and people counting applications

Wide FoI – suitable for machine vision systems such as volume measurement in logistics systems

Narrow FoI – suitable for application scenarios such as contour measurement, supporting remote measurement

Samples of the EGA2000 series flood illuminators are available now, with mass production scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2021.

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